January 17, 2004

Requiem, with a Plan

from - smijer

I'm just as saddened and peeved as everyone else about the DNR order for the Hubble Telescope. Maybe this isn't a realistic thing, but wouldn't it be grand if the Democratic presidential candidate could include the revival of Hubble as part of his 2004 campaign? It would certainly help any candidate, but especially a fiscally conservative one (hint, hint) draw the distinction between himself as a hard-nosed realist, and the President as a spendthrift dreamer who cannot see the connection between his efforts and the future reality for America and the world.

I would love to see a revival of the Hubble incorporated into a positive and responsible vision for America and the space program in the 2004 campaign. That said, I'm probably being overly optimistic. So, here are some old pictures from Hubble to remember it by:

(The Ant Nebula)

(Deep space field)

(Pillars nebula)

(Whirlpool Galaxy)

(a planetary nebula)


Posted by smijer at January 17, 2004 08:49 AM

The Hubble space telescope has tremendous scientific merit, at least in the observational sense.

Going to Moon, while a noble acheivement, is not science. It is engineering. It is exploring. It is not science.

univar.jpg Posted by CJG on January 17, 2004 01:18 PM
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