February 07, 2004

The Babinski Reflex

from - smijer

Maybe you remember that I had a new niece arrive this January. My wife is thrilled to have a baby girl in the family. But what has me impressed is that she has the Babinski reflex.

I hadn't ever witnessed it before I saw this child. I guess it isn't uncommon. I hadn't heard of it - Mrs. Smijer had to tell me what it was. Unlike the classic reflex, Emily spontaneously fans her toes and she isn't playing. She wants some serious daylight between them.

I guess it's not that uncommon, but I've never seen it before... at least not like this. Here's what it looks like:



Posted by smijer at February 7, 2004 09:15 PM

My wife has that 'spreading toe' reflex and I can just put the big toe up with the other four down.. however, our daughter has one foot each way. The power of the genes.....nnmc

univar.jpg Posted by dr neal on February 10, 2004 04:40 PM
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