February 08, 2004

New "Feature"

from - smijer

I'm incorrigible. I "quit blogging" in order to get back some of the time I spent that way. A weekend off work comes along, and not only am I back to blogging, but I'm back to spending unjustifiable amounts of time tinkering. This tinkering has led me to what I am sure is a re-used idea -- probably one that didn't make sense the first time it was considered or tried, and still doesn't now. After all, every blog (that wants them) has comments threads. All the bloggers already have a perfect medium for sharing their thoughts or making their arguments. Why on earth would you make a discussion board for and about blogs? If you're me, its not because you expect so much utility out of it as the simple fact that you can't leave well enough alone. Maybe a few of you will humor me and go play on the smijer-lite fora. Or maybe not.

For future reference, the link is in the right column under "Contacts", right below e-mail.


Posted by smijer at February 8, 2004 10:38 AM

thanks !!

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