March 19, 2004

Lego Me!

from - smijer


Because of Eric's insistence on the matter, I present Lego smijer. Allow me to explain:

The Jester's Hat symbolizes a quest to be funny and entertaining - at least while at work. According to mrssmijer, I am just irritable and mean at home. Chalk that up to teenagers.

Note the chestnut-brown hair, cropped short, but with noticeable bangs. The statement I am trying to make with this is "I'm getting too old for long and flowing locks, but I would look like a peanut-head if I didn't leave some sort of mop up there."

The glasses represent mobility! I showed up at the DMV upon moving to Tennessee from north Georgia a few years ago, and the nice lady told me to come back when I had a prescription for glasses. It wasn't my fault they used fuzzy letters for my eye exam. With these glasses, I can have a drivers license. Unfortunately, this also means mrssmijer still expects me to go to work.

Note that my lego avatar isn't smiling. His expression is one of grim resignation. This is symbolic of many things.

  • The sorry state of American politics brings a morose feeling
  • It is before 8:00 on the east coast, and almost time for work

    The bow-tie and suspenders symbolize the missing lego pieces. That isn't how I dress at all, but the pieces that resemble my real wardrobe have fallen between the virtual sofa cushions at the Lego-izer place, so I settled for this. They also represent an overall unendearing geekiness that I might as well acknowledge outright. My real friends don't hold it against me.

    Lego Me holds a coffee cup in one hand, the one remaining pleasure and vice in an otherwise empty existence (symbolized by the other hand), if I may be permitted to wildly exaggerate.

    I wear brown pants because I like brown. I and Lego-I will be fashionable again some day. Everything comes back around.


    Unrelated: via buddy don, Eric Alterman has given a little love to our own South Knox Bubba Congratulations, Bubba.

    Be sure to read the Wandering Hillbilly entry linked above. He makes some 'mity' fine points.


    Posted by smijer at March 19, 2004 07:33 AM
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    ..thanks, man... at least you weren't wearing a kilt... love the hat though... and, the description of each item was hilarious...

    univar.jpg Posted by Eric on March 19, 2004 08:29 AM
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    You might want to place a link to Hughes Family Tree and let these folks know a little about your history. Whadayathink?

    univar.jpg Posted by Jan on March 20, 2004 08:33 AM
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