April 19, 2004

Bad Weekend

from - smijer

The vacation is over and I'll be going back to work with unmowed grass. I was half-way finished with the mowing job when I struck an immovable object with the blade of the mower. The motor (or the entire mower) will have to be replaced before I can start mowing again.

And Ms. Buttons died, unexpectedly. We took her to the vet Saturday night. She stayed overnight there, and we were informed Sunday morning that she would not recover. She is buried now, next to Max. She was the favorite animal of my oldest stepson.

So, I am not on-task today. Some days, I'm just dying to say something and I can't get to the New Entry page fast enough. Most days, I just struggle to think of a thing that is of interest to anyone besides myself. Today is one of those second days. The repeated apologies must ring hollow by now, but please forgive (again).


Posted by smijer at April 19, 2004 07:13 AM

Eesh, I have not been tending to my own site or reading faves like you lately, and so it is sad to be able to offer only belated condolences...but I do. Sorry about Ms. Buttons.

univar.jpg Posted by peggy on April 22, 2004 12:26 AM
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