June 24, 2004

Thought for the Day

from - smijer

"The skeptic does not mean he who doubts, but he who investigates or researches, as opposed to he who asserts and thinks that he has found."
- Miguel de Unamuno

(thanks to Rationalists of East Tennessee, who will likely be the source of more than one future thought for the day.)


Posted by smijer at June 24, 2004 09:57 AM

I have a thought...

Shall I address the enigmatic soul whom entigrates our everyday existence??

I shall call him...."left nut"

"Hello left nut".

"Why, hello right nut".

"Glad to make your acquantince sir".

"True true, most obliged".

"Here here".

"...but might I ask??"

"No dear sir, do not humble yourself but allow m..."

"Excuse me sir, but it is only in my moderate respect that I ask...."

"No no sir, allow me to explain the situation, the fellow you are referr...."

"With all due respect my dear fellow, I am only enquiring....."

"...whos the penis between us?"

univar.jpg Posted by Was Once Banned / May Yet Be Once More... on June 24, 2004 10:55 PM
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