July 01, 2004


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A buddy pointed out Drudge's Hillary rumor. Matt wishes. The more interesting speculation is over whether Dick Cheney will be on the R ticket. This comes from another rumor my buddy mentioned to me (one that has been floated a few times before).

I'm going to stick my neck out and make a solid prediction on this one. I think Dick Cheney is going to retire for "health reasons". Rationale (I apologize for having to edit this in - I got trigger happy on the post button before):

  • He's already gotten the enron and oil friendly energy policy done.
  • He's already gotten the neo-cons their war in Iraq.
  • He provided direly needed gravitas to the 2000 ticket. Now his image as "strong and steady" is overshadowed by his other baggage.
  • He and Scooter Libby less likely to be marked for further investigation, negative news for the administration, and possible prosecution if they are no longer on the ticket or in the White House.
  • "Health reasons" will be believable in his case, at least to a segment of the population.

    I won't hazard a guess as to who will replace him on the ticket. Let us all hope it isn't enough to save W's reelection chances from the downward spiral they appear to be following now.

    Update for Boortz fans:
    Reflecting on the Hillary speculation mentioned at the top of this post got me to wondering what my old pal, Neal Boortz, was up to. I made a personal bet with myself (which I won), that Neal would have a mention of Drudge up on his "Nuze" page today. Here it is, straight from the horse's you-know-what:

    Drudge has a piece quoting a "top D.C. insider" as saying Clinton will definitely be chosen Tuesday. This just might happen, for a variety of reasons. For one, Hillary may be worried Kerry has a chance of winning, and she doesn't want that at all.

    Kerry has a strong chance of winning. We only have right-wing guesswork over whether Hillary Clinton has presidential ambitions, and only have that guesswork on which to base the conclusion, through faulty reasoning, that Hillary "doesn't want [Kerry to win] at all." But, if we state it as fact, instead of as opinion without substance, foundation, or merit, then people will believe it. It works for preachers -- it works for talk-show hosts.

    A recent story says that Kerry has raised $175 million so far, breaking Bush's old record from the 2000 campaign. The polls show a dead heat.

    Neal neglects to mention that the $175m figure was a Drudge number as well... However, it can't be argued that Kerry is doing a much better fund-raising job than we could have hoped for. He can thank Howard Dean later.

    The Hildabeast is a power-hungry woman that will not be denied, and if she sees someone else taking that power, it will be time for her to step in.

    See above. What makes a person "power-hungry"? Why does it not apply to the other politicians as well? Like Dubya?

    Despite what she has said in the media, a Kerry presidency would be a complete disaster for her presidential ambitions. As Dick Morris was the first to point out, if Kerry wins, The Soufflé will run for re-election, then The Poodle's VP choice will run for president, which would shut out the Hildabeast for quite a long time.

    That's some powerful analysis, right there. Boortz is going way out on a limb here to predict that Kerry won't pull a Lyndon Johnson ... that he will run for re-election if he wins the first time. What a bold prediction... Seriously, that is a foregone conclusion, but it is not a foregone conclusion that Kerry's VP will run in 2012 if Kerry is a two-termer. I wouldn't expect to see Dick Cheney (for instance) at the top of any ticket, ever. If Senator Clinton does have presidential ambition, and Kerry does win, 2012 is still very viable for her.

    If Hillary wants it, Kerry has no choice but to give it to her. The Clintons control the Democratic party, and we all know what happens to anyone who crosses them.

    Should I dignify this with a response? Part I: John Kerry controls the Democratic party, and will even more so between late July and November. Part II: No, I don't know what happens to anyone who crosses the Clintons, Neal. Why don't you tell me? Have you really stooped so low as to peddle the "Clinton murders" lie? You know, even Jerry Falwell apologized for his part in that fraud... are you sleasier even than him?

    Now, we all know what is going to happen if Hillary is chosen as the VP....the media will fall all over themselves for weeks singing the praises of Senators Kerry and Clinton. It will be a complete non-stop love-fest that will be totally nauseating.

    I'm sure it will... especially on WorldNetDaily, Fox News, and Neal's "Nuze"...

    Imagine if Kerry does pick her, and The Soufflé does win, Hillary Clinton will be a heartbeat away from the presidency. That's pure evil knocking at the door ..... a frightening prospect, but we'll just have to wait and see.

    Pure evil. You heard it hear first, folks. I'll go dollars to donught holes that Neal Boortz cannot name a single thing Hillary has ever done that was more "evil" than pushing a bad health plan back in 1993, but there's where his money is at... Name-calling. If you can call a prominent member of one political party "evil" and make it stick with a noticeable segment of the voting population, then you have a job. That's great Neal... just remember - you don't get your soul back.


    Posted by smijer at July 1, 2004 10:51 AM
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    In Neal's defense, when he talks about "what happens when you cross the Clintons" he is referring to character assasination, not literal assasination. He still holds that the Clintons got away with several boxes of illegally obtained FBI files, and thinks that Kerry is likely in that box.

    univar.jpg Posted by Phelps on July 1, 2004 12:45 PM
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    Oh, I doubt he actually believes any of it, but I have no doubt that he keeps it open-ended to encourage whichever kind of assasination the listner or reader might have in mind. "You know what happens" is potentially so much more sinister than "this is what happens". It also saves him from being fact-checked. That's the beauty of innuendo.

    univar.jpg Posted by smijer on July 1, 2004 12:56 PM
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    Boortz is one of those who became completely unhinged after 9/11. The guy has gone absolutely loony-tunes. Never was he to be taken seriously but he used to be fun to listen to because you knew he believed very little of what he said. He was too smart for that. Now the great concern is that he DOES BELIEVE what he is saying. He actually believes that we are only a heartbeat away from being overwhelmed by the Muslim horde, our women forced to wear burkas and our men forced to grow beards. Public and private nudity outlawed! LIONS! TIGERS AND BEARS! OH MY!

    I'm glad he is going away for two weeks. I doubt it will help him any but God knows he needs the rest.

    He warns against the arrogance and big government of the Hildebeast while at the same time he hitches his supposed libertarian star to the most arrogant and big government Republican since Abe Lincoln.

    Completely schizophrenic.

    univar.jpg Posted by boortzlistener on July 2, 2004 06:40 AM
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