July 07, 2004

On Foundations of Sand

from - smijer

One reason that mythology-based morality is unuseful.

Another one.

I have a lot more to say on this issue. Right now, I'd just as soon keep it simple. I know people, many of them guilty of one or both of the above imbecilities, who insist there can be no harm from religious belief. Maybe that is true, so long as people remember that it isn't like other kinds of "belief" or knowledge: It simply isn't reliable enough to use as a moral foundation. If one lets mythology guide conscience, then one is limited to a morality no better than the moral thinking of the religious authorities who create and interpret the myth. There is no guarantee that their system will create as good a standard as our own native ability to work out right from wrong. Furthermore, we do not have the right to turn over our own decisions to some other moral agent. If we choose "obedience" over "righteousness", then we are liable for that choice - no matter to whom or to what we believed ourselves obedient.


Posted by smijer at July 7, 2004 12:50 PM

I think that you are ignoring the fact that the only 100% effective birth control is abstinence. That includes the abstinence of unwilling participants who maybe teased the willing participants to impregnate.

univar.jpg Posted by Concerned on July 7, 2004 10:27 PM
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Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.

As a form of birth control it is not reliable because it just ain't gonna happen. It is perfect in theory. The fatal flaw lies in the real life application.

As a wise man once told me, "Adam screwed Eve and she became a mother. Ever since then we have been screwing one another"

We expect our children to go through at least 4 years of college and delay marriage until they are in their mid to late twenties while at the same time expecting them not to dilly dally around a little bit? Who is kidding whom?

I have two teen aged daughters. When my first one was born a friend told me that "when you have a little boy you have only one dick to worry about. When you have a little girl you have to worry about every dick in the neighborhood." He was right.

I have explained to both of my girls that sex can lead to fatal disease or even worse than that it can lead to a baby. Protect yourself using any and all available methods. Skydivers have two chutes.

I consider sex before marriage morally wrong. I consider sex outside of marriage morally wrong. Getting married will do more to decrease sexual intercourse than anything I know.

I've never understood the problem some have with contraceptives.

univar.jpg Posted by boortzlistener on July 8, 2004 12:48 AM
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