July 12, 2004

We Don't Need No Banana Republic

from - smijer

The consensus seems to be against delaying the Big Election in the event of a terrorist act. As long as people are physically able to get to the polls, that's it. Mind you, it doesn't help that the man in charge of making the big call is a Bush-anointed Baptist Minister. So, yeah - if the elections are unnecessarily called off and it favors Bush, there will be conspiracy theories. Apparently Bushco likes the idea of having conspiracy theories. Otherwise they would set up a bipartisan commission to make the rules and the final call.

What I don't want is the inevitable spin from the right-wing bottom feeders (I'm thinking Limbaugh/Hannity & our boy Boortz, here). If the terrorists attack and we vote Bush out, the terrorists influenced the election! Democrats have handed Al Qaeda a victory! If the terrorists don't attack and we vote Bush out, they only didn't attack because the polls were in favor of a Democratic victory and they didn't want to risk changing that outcome and having the Cowboy on their (third cousin's) heels for another four years. If Bush wins, terrorist attack or not, America beat Al Qaeda. Go us.


Posted by smijer at July 12, 2004 07:55 AM

It isn't like the right has any lock on loony conspiracy theories. The left version is: If there is an attack and Bush wins anways, he set up the attack. If there is an attack and Bush loses, he set up the attack and The People saw through it. If there is no attack, it is because Bush was afraid The People would figure it out because of Michael Moore and Bush's terrorist buddies didn't want him to lose.

univar.jpg Posted by Phelps on July 12, 2004 02:06 PM
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