July 13, 2004

Living Right, the Vile and Repulsive Way

from - smijer

Paul Myers captures my feelings about book-burning. However, he has the luxury of being from Minnesota where the chances are slim that his friends and family are among those likely to turn out for a "bonfire", as they are euphemistically called in these parts. I love my home in Tennessee for a lot of reasons, but the rampant anti-intellectualism that is sponsored by our local churches is not among them. I understand the anti-intellectualism of the church. If parishioners are taught or allowed to trust their own intellect and their own moral instinct, then organized religion is going to be the loser.

It is impossible to keep thinking people in the fold of a group which is organized around the teachings of a book that portrays the Master of the Universe with all the pettiness, small-minded jealousy, and virtually every other dark facet of human psychology, magnified to the infinite proportions of Deity, and labeled "All-Good". Such a book could never be taken seriously by people who trusted their own intellect and moral instinct. Therefore it is necessary, if the billion dollar industry which is the church is to continue, to teach people that their intellect and moral wisdom are inferior and only God's (which just happens to be the same as the preacher's and the Holy Book's), is trustworthy.


Posted by smijer at July 13, 2004 03:58 PM
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