July 15, 2004

Nice piece from TownHall.com

from - smijer

Anyone who knows about TownHall.com has got to be suprised that I write approvingly of their column. This column, however, includes the entire damning Kerry Campaign response to the phony and vacuous Republican outrage over the Whoopi Goldberg fundraiser from earlier. Was it just a mistake on TH editors' part? Do we have a mole inside their organization?

The piece does end with Bush's phony populist reply:

"The other day my opponent said, when he was with some entertainers from Hollywood, that they were the heart and soul of America," Bush said. "I believe the heart and soul of America is found in places right here, in Marquette, Michigan."

Which just opens up the question why he directed the bulk of his tax-cuts to the wealthy elite (including these Hollywood types) instead of to the people right there in Marquette, Michigan. Kerry might want to use that footage in his next campaign add, too.


Posted by smijer at July 15, 2004 08:12 AM
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