August 08, 2004

Meet The New Boss

from - smijer

.... Same as the old boss. Via kos, The Oregonian has the photos, and the the story. Here's an informal poll for you. Which is more disgusting to you?

a: That we've lost a thousand American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, thrown away hundreds of billions of dollars that could have been spent helping people or imroving security, and we've managed to replace thug regime A with new and improved thug regime B that relies on our troops for security.
b: That Americans ordered the Oregon guardsmen to return these prisoners to the jailers that were abusing them, and walk away.

Vote in the comments. Bonus poll - at what point does a soldier have a moral and legal obligation to disobey orders? At the point where you have to return a 14 year old boy to the vermin that would commit these crimes, before that point, or never?
The Passion


Posted by smijer at August 8, 2004 06:07 PM
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