August 15, 2004

Puttin' it in perspective

from - Buck

As associate pastor of The Smijer Lite Church of Rational Mysticism I want my first Sunday sermon to deal with the importance of perspective.
We all have a planet to share. It is not only possible but it is imperative that we learn to peacefully co-exist here. It can be done and call me a cock-eyed optimist if you will but I truly believe that someday it will be peacefully shared. That decision is ours to make.
I borrowed the following passages of scripture from the blog over at strike-the-root.

Life Is Too Fleeting to Waste on Politics

DOUG THOMPSON, CAPITOL HILL BLUE - Since returning to the Blue Ridge Mountains earlier this year, we’ve found the intoxication of country living too much to resist. . .
Long past time for a change. Long overdue. The urban life no longer appeals. The hustle and bustle of politics bores. So do those who lie and die by the political sword.
Politics is a one-dimensional world, dominated by extremists. Extremists live to hate. Increasingly, those who follow these zealots are shallow lemmings who lack both the will and the capacity to think for themselves. Anger drives them and they are controlled not by love of country but adherence to party dogma. . .
Life in the country tempers anger. One cannot stop and gaze at the beauty of fog hanging on a mountaintop on a crisp August morning and feel anger. Anger doesn’t work here. It has no place. . .
Life is too fleeting to waste by getting mad or expending energy on hate. I owe what little time I have left on this earth to the woman I love and the peaceful quality of life we have found here in the mountains. . .
And, along the way, I find that I really don’t care what George W. Bush has done, what John Kerry has charged and who said what on Meet the Press.


Mr. Thompson seems to be beginning to understand.

Discussions about religion and politics have always fascinated me. It astounds me that so many people can look at an issue and see it in so many different ways. I enjoy the bantering back and forth of the different perspectives. I love it when I find agreement and I love it just as much when I am shoulder deep in disagreement. It strengthens the mind to have your opinions questioned and your positions challenged. This bantering keeps us staggering towards what Chris Floyd once called “The Broken Light”.

If we continue to banter and if we continue to stagger I believe we will one day stumble out of our Platonic cave and into the Unbroken Light of Peace, Love and Understanding

Just remember. Do not let the journey destroy your perspective on life. Life is so full of so many other things than who ran against whom and who said what and when. There is sorrow and there is tragedy but there is also happiness and triumph. Do not put your continual focus on the one at the expense of the other.

And rest assured that there is no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.


Posted by Buck at August 15, 2004 04:46 AM
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