October 05, 2004

Don Rumsfeld: Flip-Flopper

from - smijer

Even now, elements within the the Administration are clinging to the narrative that there was a "link" between Saddam and Al Qaeda. Just hours after Rummy publicly admitted obvious reality, he was pushed back on to the stage to take it back. Candor is a dangerous commodity around the White House these days. Or so it would seem.

It is interesting to see the strategy behind Rummy's new orders. Everyone who is paying attention knows that the "links" and "ties" between Al Qaeda consisted of a few efforts by Al Qaeda to gain assistance from Saddam, and that they never actually obtained the support they sought. The reality of the "links", then, is even more damning to the case for war, because it shows not only that Saddam didn't work with Al Qaeda, but that he had opportunity to and still chose not to. So, these "links" are evidence against the case for war, yet they are continually cited by the administration, because Karen and Karl know that the majority of voters will only see the headlines "link between Al Qaeda and Saddam".

This makes it all the more important to get the truth out about those links, and let the world know that the trumpeted "links" between Saddam and Al Qaeda are of the nature of "contacts, but no cooperation".


Posted by smijer at October 5, 2004 07:48 AM

I guess the importance of not sending mixed messages is fine when dealing with allies but loses its luster when dealing with the electorate. Al Qaeda contacts one day, no Al Qaeda contacts the next. Enough boots on the ground one day, not enough boots on the ground the next. Exactly what is a man supposed to believe?

univar.jpg Posted by Buck on October 5, 2004 09:10 AM
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