October 05, 2004

The Spin from Beulah Land

from - Buck

Pat Robertson made a foray into Israel to assure that nation that it has Bush the younger in its back pocket. If the Israeli's watched the debates they already know that they have nothing to fear from either candidate. After all, according to both of the debaters the war in Iraq is to help make Israel more secure.

Acting as spokesman for the Evangelicals Robertson said

"Evangelical Christians feel so deeply about Jerusalem, that if President George W. Bush were to "touch" Jerusalem, Evangelicals would abandon their traditional Republican leanings and form a third party.

Reckon what the going price for a prostitute would be at an Evangelical National Convention?

He also made this amusing statement:

"I see the rise of Islam to destroy Israel and take the land from the Jews and give East Jerusalem to [Palestinian Authority Chairman] Yasser Arafat. I see that as Satan's plan to prevent the return of Jesus Christ the Lord," said Robertson, a Christian broadcaster.


"God says, 'I'm going to judge those who carve up the West Bank and Gaza Strip,'" Robertson said. "'It's my land and keep your hands off it.'"

Good 'ol Pat. Always has his finger right on the pulse of the plans of God and the devil.


Posted by Buck at October 5, 2004 10:31 AM
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