October 05, 2004

My Beef

from - smijer

First, I have to give props to Dick Cheney for coming out strong in the Veep debate. He stayed on message, and he gave a better performance than John Edwards, and a much better performance than his Boss, George W.

My beef with the debate is energy policy. Energy policy is the Bush/Cheney ticket's major weakness. It is a national security issue and an ecomic issue, and the administration's answer has been following a policy of continued reliance on foreign petroleum. Dick Cheney is especially weak on this issue, because he led the "energy task force" that met with unnamed industry executives to decide energy policy. Apparently, the cartel with which Cheney conferred was pushing for continued reliance on foreign oil. This is a huge downfall for Cheney and the Bush administration. Not one word about it from the moderator or from John Edwards. I fault them both.

The other issue that has my dander up is Cheney's insistence on a "nexus" between terrorism and WMD, and Edward's failure to call him on this point. This "nexus" talking point was repeated more than once. Hello! You have to have WMD in order to have a nexus between WMD and terrorists. If you are looking for a "nexus" between WMD and terrorism, look to Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, or Syria.

Before I finish, I must also give Edwards his props. He didn't do the necessary thing and attack on domestic security and energy policy. He didn't defend Cheney's attacks properly. But he didn't allow a route (as Cheney's boss did last Thursday). He did hold a line on domestic policy, and he did keep the ticket viable into Friday. So, thanks J.E. for not screwing up any worse than you did. I hope that, by the time you seek the top seat, you have a better command of the relevant issues.

P.S. I'm the only liberal blog I know of to mention energy policy in connection with this debate. Shame on the rest of us.


Posted by smijer at October 5, 2004 10:58 PM
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