October 21, 2004

Laughing at ESPN

from - smijer

Apparently, Steinbrenner didn't spend enough money on this team.


Sorry it's been so quiet. I had a nice post typed up for my new "energy" category on Monday, but I lost it to a network failure. It consisted of some noise from me about Joe Connelly and some fellow from the Detroit News. I'll leave you with a few quotes from Connelly and no punditry from tired old me:

Pledging a "Manhattan-type project" to develop alternative energy sources, and aggressive moves to prevent Enron-style manipulation of power markets, Sen. John Kerry yesterday came courting the Pacific Northwest.
"I want to push technologies such as wind turbines, biomass and biofuels grids," he said. "Early this year, for instance, I went to a project funded by the University of Northern Iowa. They produce a lubricant made out of soy for use on railroads. It is 99 percent biodegradable, versus oil lubricants that are zero percent.

Kerry also pledged to create a $20 billion fund for investment in energy conservation and efficiency.

"We can set and meet a goal of getting 20 percent of America's electricity from renewable energy sources by the year 2020," said Kerry.

A House-passed energy bill, backed by Bush, is heavily geared toward investment in fossil fuels and nuclear power. It would open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil and gas drilling.

Posted by smijer at October 21, 2004 07:09 AM
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