October 21, 2004


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Via Kevin "Washington Monthly's Political Animal" Drum, I was just gazing through this wonderful list of well-known libertarians and their votes for president in 2000 and 20004. Guess who got left out. Sad, really. Even his amateur internet "Nemesiz" can't be bothered with him much lately.

Maybe it's time for Neal to be thinking about getting off the air and collecting himself some good old fashioned socialist social security before it goes belly-up

I notice fellow RTBer, Glenn Reynolds got mention. He answered in his usual perfunctory and predictably war-hungry style:

2004 vote: Most likely George Bush, and for one reason: the war. I’m having trouble trusting Kerry on that.

2000 vote: Harry Browne.

Most embarrassing vote: Dukakis, ’88.

Favorite president: Calvin Coolidge, who knew his limitations.

Calvin Coolidge?

Predictably, my own favorite resonder was Michael Shermer:

2004 vote: John Kerry. I’m a libertarian, but in 2000 I voted my conscience under the assumption that it probably didn’t matter who won between Bush and Gore (Tweedledee and Tweedledum when compared to Browne), and I was wrong. It did matter. The world situation is too precarious and too dangerous to flip a coin, the Libertarian candidate cannot win, Bush’s foreign policy is making the world more dangerous and more precarious rather than less, and Kerry has a good chance to win and an even better chance to improve our situation. Most important, he’s a serious cyclist who wears the yellow "LiveStrong" bracelet in support of Lance Armstrong’s cancer foundation and Tour de France win.

2000 vote: Harry Browne, because like the Naderites on the other end of the spectrum I voted my conscience.

Most embarrassing vote: Richard Nixon, 1972, my first presidential vote cast, just out of high school. My poli-sci profs the next several years of college regaled us with daily updates about Watergate. Ooops...

Favorite president: Thomas Jefferson, because 1) he was a champion of liberty, 2) he applied scientific thinking to the political, economic, and social spheres, and 3) when he dined alone at the White House there was more intelligence in that room than when John F. Kennedy hosted a dinner there for a roomful of Nobel laureates.

And, of course, the ineffable Penn Jillette. Ok. Maybe he's effable... but he's still Penn Jillette.


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It's also amusing that some of these libertarians don't even know who the libertarian candidate is.

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