October 26, 2004

As If You Needed Them

from - smijer

I ranted the other day that Bush vigilantism was good enough reason to vote against him by itself, no other factors considered. I honestly don't know if people understand that a vote for Bush is a vote for "every man for himself", survival-of-the-fittest mentality in the world community, or what the the price of that mentality is in security risks. But, for those people who still find yourself sitting on the fence - maybe you've believed some of the Republican attacks on Kerry's character, or maybe you've believed the propaganda that "Bush will keep us safe" - here are some other reasons to vote against Bush.

  • He let a terrorist go to preserve his rationale for and garner support for his pet war (the one in Iraq - not the one on terrorism).
  • The "buck" stops nowhere. He refuses respsonsibility for sending in too few troops to secure Iraq's borders and weapons dumps. The Army chief of staff warned him that he needed more troops and the U.N. warned him that Al Qa Qaa needed securing, but he was more interested in proving Rumsfeld's theory that a ground invasion type war could be fought "on the cheap" with all the fancy new gadgetry that the Pentagon has its hands on. That gamble is still costing lives, yet no responsbility from the President - as usual.
  • Another $70 billion on the credit card.
  • The slide into poverty is becoming an avalanche. Women's earning declined for the first time since 1999. 12.9 million American children are now living in poverty. 45 million people are now without health insurance.

    I guess you could say that these attacks - these reasons not to vote for Bush - are "torn from the headlines". I laughed and laughed. It's true that the most damning attacks on Bush's record come from the headlines. What's funny is that they are trying to spin that as a weakness for the other side. I think if "the facts had a bias" against me, I'd be trying to keep my mouth shut about it.

    Side note: The Passion of the Present is a website dedicated to helping stop the genocide in the Sudan. Pay them a visit. If you live in an area where they are being held, consider attending a Sudanese Peace Meetup. Don't let this thing fall off the radar.


    Posted by smijer at October 26, 2004 07:38 AM
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