October 27, 2004

Not much to say........

from - Buck

Just thought I would bore you guys with my most recent letter to the editor.

Will Durst once said, “The American voter only wants a fraud that they can believe in”. This may be the reason for the higher than average voter turn out that is expected this upcoming election day. Voters would be hard pressed to find two more fraudulent candidates than this election offers.

The bumper sticker that reads “I actually voted for John Kerry before I voted against him” captures the essence of the democratic challenger better than any other sound bite that I have heard. Kerry has reached levels of ambiguity and tergiversation attainable only by those that have spent twenty years or more in the Senate. He has the ability to bloviate out of both sides of his mouth more articulately than any politician in recent memory.

The Republican incumbent has a record that speaks for itself which is fortunate because he is only marginally able to speak for himself. After running on a platform promising a kinder and gentler foreign policy we were promptly thrust into a war in the Middle East for reasons that have since been proven false. It is a war that has already cost this country more than the First World War even after making adjustments for inflation. The size and scope and cost of government have exploded during his tenure and it has all been done with borrowed money. It will take a generation to clean up the financial mess that has been made over the last four years.

There are only a few questions that need to be answered before choosing a President. Are you better off than you were four years ago? Have your wages kept up with the cost of living? During the past four years has the nation known peace and prosperity? Are you happy with our current foreign, domestic and economic policies?

If you can answer yes to those questions then you would have to be crazy to vote against the incumbent. If you answer no to these questions then you would have to be crazy to vote for him.

Changing Presidents will not change the fact that we are engaged in a war that will still be being fought when our great grandchildren have grandchildren. Changing Presidents will not change the fact that hundreds of billions of borrowed dollars will have to be paid back by somebody somehow someday.

About the only thing changing Presidents will do is give a different herd of swine the opportunity to feed at the public trough.

And keep in mind that just like oil industry executives, trial lawyers have to eat too.

Hopefully this will rattle everybody's cage.


Posted by Buck at October 27, 2004 12:03 PM
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