October 28, 2004

Mass Madness

from - Buck

I still check on Neal Boortz a couple of times a week. I am always amazed at how this man has changed since 9/11. There was a time when he was entertaining but that was back before he started taking himself so seriously. Nowadays he panders to those out there with the lowest of intellects. He uses worn out scare tactics like the one below pulled from his website today:

Drudge broke a story that ABC News was secretly holding a videotape they got from Pakistan that shows a man threatening a massive attack on America. The man on the tape claims to be a U.S. native and Al-Qaeda supporter and says that the "streets will run with blood." Sources also say that the attack will dwarf that of September 11, 2001.

Other than the appearance of the videotape, this is not news. Al-Qaeda has threatened to kill millions of Americans already, but will people take it seriously? In case after case, Islamic terrorists have warned they are going to do something, and then they did it. Are you listening?

We already know that the terrorists' candidate of choice is The Poodle. They decided to throw the election in Spain, and attacked Madrid, and were rewarded by the defeatist surrender monkeys at the polls. Can the same thing happen here? You bet, and people need to pay attention.

The United States is engaged in a world war on terrorism...a global struggle against Islamo-fascism that threatens our freedom. And yet more people are worried about jobs and health care. Amazing

Can you imagine how many tapes already exist of kooks shouting out that they are going to attack America? Can somebody tell me why Al-Qaeda is afraid of George Bush when they are having their way with him any and every time they want to? George Bush has reacted exactly like Bin Laden has hoped he would react in every instance. How is it that we have supposedly destroyed 75% of Al-Qaeda but the 25% remaining is a greater threat to us now more than ever?

I am not nearly as concerned about “Islamo-fascism” as I am “Americo-fascism” and the voters in this country are on the brink of electing Kerry with or without an attack by Al Qaeda. Islamo-fascists are a much smaller threat to “our freedoms” than the Ashcroft Department of Justice is and any fool should be able to see that. What is Al-Qaeda going to do? Drive their modified Toyota Pick-Ups over here and take over the White House? Al-Qaeda may be a limited threat to Americans but it is no threat whatsoever to America.

I heard Dick Morris, a man whose political savvy I greatly admire, say on The Sean Hannity radio show that the reason Al-Qaeda has not attacked us is because they know an attack will help get George Bush re-elected. This is after months of listening to him say that the reason Al-Qaeda has not attacked us is because of the sterling job our Fatherland Security guys are doing.

These guys need to get on the same page. They are all certifiably insane and they practically control the airwaves. They rage against the mainstream media and they are the mainstream media. They have convinced millions of Americans that America is threatened from the outside while America is crumbling from the inside.

This is mass madness and I have no idea as to how to turn it around.


Posted by Buck at October 28, 2004 09:30 AM
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