February 25, 2005

Smart Kitties

from - smijer

Mrs. Smijer went to her study group Wednesday and brought back documentary evidence that the brilliance of her host's cats was the force behind the excellent grades earned on Thursday's exam. Ms Piddy and Mr. Doody are a little camera shy this week, so may I present....



and, Libby:


and, both together:


TGIF... Go see the baby duck, and all the other critters in Steve's Friday Ark.

Also, if there are any readers who are interested in TN income tax law (or Bob Corker's senate campaign), join the discussion in the comments at Bill Hobbs Online. I have updated my Corker Post to reflect the new information I gleaned from the post. In the comments section of Hobbs' post, I dispute some of his claims about the income tax.


Posted by smijer at February 25, 2005 07:58 AM
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