March 04, 2005

Friday Spring Watch and Animal Blogging

from - smijer

I'm not a transcendentalist, per se, but I do have a lot of admiration for Emerson and Thoreau. And, I find it helpful sometimes to emulate people who have earned admiration. So, hoping that Dan Harp's season watches will help remind me, I'm going to join him.

Between the walking track at work and the premises at home, I get to see quite a few birds, including Dan's Red-Wing Blackbirds (aplenty) the occasional hawk (of some sort), herons, king-fishers, kildeers, the odd blue-bird, the standard mockingbird, wren, and cardinal, and my favorites, the American Golden Finches, who should be showing their breeding plumage soon. Although I haven't seen one (or heard one) for years, yesterday, I was sure I heard a quail Bob-Whiting outside my window. This morning when I went out to feed the outside dog, I brought my camera, but alas - no visible birds. One of Spring's other early markers is the emergence of the daffodils on our drainage ditch. These must have been cultivated by an earlier resident, or else grown up "volunteer" having escaped domestication from someone's garden. Since I couldn't spot the Bob-White, I'll share the Daffies, who don't mind standing still to pose:


And now for part II - the animal blogging. Why did the cat climb on the bookshelf?


Because he thinks he's a book.

Don't forget that institution of Friday animal-blogging: The Modulator's Ark. I'd like to steal this one.


Posted by smijer at March 4, 2005 08:05 AM
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