April 08, 2005

In Her Cups, Friday Link Roundup, and Goodbye for the Weekend

from - smijer

Please excuse the digest format of this post. I have to get posted and get out of here. First, Ms. Piddy takes her turn mingling with the glassware:


(photos courtesy of mrs. smijer)

More fuzzies, scalies, cuties of various integumentary covering in the Friday Ark.

Moving on, Jeanne expresses her outrage over the treatment of American prison guards in Iraq:

[...] a U.S. military commission, citing the Geneva Conventions and customary international law, convicted him of compelling prisoners of war to practice saluting and other military exercises for as long as 30 minutes when they were tired. His sentence: 12 years of hard labor.

Not really. Just a glance at the Good Old American double standard.

From the Chattanoogan, plans for a new Outdoor Center

Apparently, blogging one's own death is catching on:
Former Congregationalist minister in the late stages of cancer blogs about the experience of dying. There's a very poignant poem he posts by a friend. I cannot imagine.

In a very dissimilar situation, Meet Vernon is blogged through a third party who corresponds with death row inmate Vernon Evans. Vernon is nearly done with the appeals process. (Hat Tip: Big L)

You all reflect, and/or discuss. I'm going off as soon as I leave work today.


Posted by smijer at April 8, 2005 07:47 AM
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