April 12, 2005

A Top Ten List

from - smijer

By way of answer to this question, top ten reasons 'Tennessee can come up with a crop of good blogs, and up there in the great progressive yankee state of Minnesota the only regional groupings are the heinous "Northern Alliance" and "Minnesota Organization of Blogs", which consists of the same boring arch-conservative wankers, like PowerLine and Captain's Quarters and other such wingnut crap...'

10. "Yah, you betcha" gets old much faster than "Okay then".
9. The "Gopher" Brigade?
8. Laptops not standard equipped with de-icer.
7. In Norwegian, "blog" means "boring, arch-conservative, wanker".
6. Canada has tougher blogging regulations than Tennessee.
5. Three words: Old No. 7.
4. Ice fishing blogs considered too eclectic for mainstream.
3. All the smart Minnesotans moved south of the Arctic Circle after high school.
2. Too many MN bloggers on strike to show solidarity with NHL players.

And, the number one reason that arch-conservative wankers dominate Minnesota's regional blog alliances while Tennessee has a thriving blogosphere:

1. PZ Myers hasn't started his own MN blog alliance yet!


Posted by smijer at April 12, 2005 07:05 PM

I am daunted now. That list is overwhelming -- no wonder we're such failures at this up here in Minnesota.

univar.jpg Posted by PZ Myers on April 14, 2005 08:12 PM
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Brilliant post!

I wonder if these were in the next ten (that didn't quite make the list):

Republic activists in Tennessee usually turn down the invite to the 101st Fighting Keyboarders*.

Friday Animal Blogging pictures that turn into still life photography competitions provide no residual staying power for MN blogs to rally around.

Minnesota Mafia already busy forming Vast Left Wing Conspiracy in other areas of America. Hey, the military's not the only one having recruiting problems, that's for sure!

Cold, dry Minnesota humor in cold, dry Minnesota basements unable to sustain brigade-strength keyboard corps.

Lake Woebegon hooked into the wrong internet.

* - we said activists, not perfessers with too much snark on their hands (heh. indeed...) and Hobbesian word-choppers.

univar.jpg Posted by (: Tom :) on April 15, 2005 11:42 AM
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LOL! Ok, I've got to see if I am bleeding from the nose. That was one flurry of jabs to the face.

"Yah, you betcha" cracked my shit up!

univar.jpg Posted by Rook on April 15, 2005 09:34 PM
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