April 13, 2005

Sound Familiar?

from - Buck

Reportedly, this gem will be seen in some markets in Tennessee.

"The major technical problems that have kept terrorists from exploding improvised nuclear devices within American cities are solved once a terrorist regime like the Islamic Republic of Iran has the capability to manufacture a nuclear weapon and deliver it in containers to a major U.S. port," he said.

"The device can be picked up by sleeper terrorist cells, assembled and driven into the heart of the city, where it can be detonated at the height of an ordinary business day."

The resulting destruction from a successful atomic 9-11 attack on a major U.S. city like New York would be enormous.

You've gotta love these guys.

But it is just a piece in a much larger puzzle.


Posted by Buck at April 13, 2005 02:34 AM

A responsible commenter would go get the links, etc., but yesterday I was listening to NPR's coverage of the Negroponte and Bolton nominations, and heard someone using the words "Korea" and "Iran" so matter-of-factly as sites of assumed near-future conflicts, it was chilling. Dangit, I have to go figure out who said what. Be back soon.

univar.jpg Posted by joe on April 13, 2005 08:43 AM
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Oh, yeah, got it. It was Senator Joe Biden, who was attempting to garner a more serious tone in the hearing about some of Bolton's past actions and their import (and I'm not faulting him for that), but then he said "come on...this is the very man who may have to take the case to the world on Korea, and on Iran...." What??? Do we just _assume_ that we're going back to the UN with new song-and-dance routines like the pile of .. that Powell dumped in there before the Iraq invasion? He didn't even specify "North" Korea, for crying out loud, not that that would have made me feel better.

univar.jpg Posted by joe on April 13, 2005 09:00 AM
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