April 13, 2005

Us and Them

from - Buck

The headline says “THE MULLAHS AND THEIR NUKES” while the photo shows two mutha’s discussing their nukes.

Meanwhile Neal just gets less and less coherent.

We invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein because he had the capability to produce nuclear weapons.

Really? I thought we invaded them because it was a slam-dunk that they did have them. In his next breath Neal agrees with me.

The fact is we know for a drop-dead certain fact that Saddam did have WMDs, and the best intelligence we were able to generate said that Saddam had all of the supplies and materials on hand to make some more, and to make them quickly once the threat of an American invasion was past.

It does not matter that the best intelligence that we were able to generate was dead wrong. The only WMD program Iraq had turned out to be bits and pieces buried in some guys rose garden. But according to Neal all they would have needed to do was knock the dirt off and go into full production. A few sentences later Neal says

We didn't invade Iraq because we knew Saddam had the weapons. We ousted him, among other reasons, because he might have them; and if he had them they would eventually be used against us.

Glad to finally get that cleared up.

Israel has said they won't allow Iran to have a nuclear warhead, and have made rumblings that they'll bomb the reactors, just like they did to Iraq some 20 years ago. Perhaps we should just take care of it now, before it's too late.

What is all of this “we” and “they” stuff? If “they” won’t allow Iran to have a nuclear warhead and “they” will bomb the reactors just like “they” did to Iraq 20 years ago then why don’t “we” just stay the hell out of it? You can bet that if Israel thought there was a valid threat they would not run to Uncle Sam for permission to act. If Israel did such a grand job in the 80’s of taking care of the ominous Iraqi threat then why did we have to starve them to death in the 90’s and invade and occupy them in 2003?

And now for the definition of hubris

Time to take the stealth bombers out for a spin and make a little glass in the desert.

The world according to Neal. Just what the doctor ordered to sell Bennies Shoes and car care in and around Atlanta.


Posted by Buck at April 13, 2005 09:39 AM

There is a strange inconsistency in a man who was hell bent on developing WMDs to use against us and then when we invaded his country he inexplicably got rid of them and didn’t use them even though it meant the end of his régime, death to his sons and an eventual death sentence.

univar.jpg Posted by Rick DeMent on April 15, 2005 05:50 AM
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