April 18, 2005


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The first I ever heard of her was the news of her death. (Alternate link)

``She was fun-loving, but she blended her moral commitment with her intense sociability,'' Shellenberger said.

``She had total moral clarity about doing right for people who had been wronged,'' he said. ``In contrast to a lot of folks who are passionate about their politics, Marla never came across as sanctimonious, never judgmental or ideological.''

We could use a few more like her.


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This part touched me, especially Maria's work on finding out how many civilians had been touched by our violence and killing.

U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., said it was Ruzicka's idea to put a special fund in last year's foreign aid bill to help Iraqis whose businesses had been bombed by mistake or otherwise damaged. ``Just from the force of her personality, we decided to take a chance on it,'' he said Sunday. Leahy said $10 million had been added into the multibillion-dollar aid bill last year for that purpose, and another $10 million has been set aside for next year. Ruzicka had been in Iraq conducting door-to-door surveys trying to determine the number of civilian casualties in the country. She is among several foreign aid workers to have been killed there. One hour before she was killed, she sent an e-mail to her parents in Lakeport, a small town north of Napa Valley, with photos of herself and Iraqi children, Clifford Ruzicka said.

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