April 20, 2005

Or, We Could Dwell Mainly on Sleeping Arrangements

from - smijer

April's edition of UU World Magazine arrived yesterday. Of special interest to me were the articles on Energy and Ethics, and the prison pen-pal ministry, sponsored by the Church of the Larger Fellowship.

The Energy article serves as a mini-jeremiad on western wastefulness...

This is more than a sign of mere piggishness—and here is where the parallel to Jefferson becomes clear. By burning fossil fuels to generate our energy, affluent nations produce far more carbon dioxide, the principle greenhouse gas implicated in global warming, than poorer nations. Yet if temperatures rise across the globe in coming decades, as a broad consensus of leading climatologists predicts, the most profound consequences will not likely befall people in the U.S. or Denmark or the rest of the developed world. Although costs to our own economies may be high, the most seriously afflicted will be people in some of the world's most impoverished nations—consequences ranging from prolonged drought and desertification of agriculturally productive areas to widespread coastal flooding, increases in such insect-vectored diseases as malaria, and increased frequency and intensity of devastating monster hurricanes.

After reading about the prison pen-pal ministry, I hurried to this page to ask for more information about how to sign up.

I'll take Bill Sinkford over Joseph Ratzinger any day of the week - especially Sunday.


Posted by smijer at April 20, 2005 01:30 PM
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