May 06, 2005

Lots O' Animals - Friday

from - smijer

I couldn't pick... So here's an assortment:

A pair of dwarf hamsters someone brought to work:



Some sort of salamander, found in the neighborhood creek near my niece and nephew's home. We enjoyed carrying it home to show the rest of the family.


They were afraid the flash would blind its little eyes...


But it didn't.

A pretty white heron, that wouldn't come within a decent range of my inexpensive camera... in the pond next to the walking track at work. I accidentally got a far-off turtle in the same shot. Not wanting to leave him out, I moved him to the top right of the crop.


Same pond, same day, similar distance from the inexpensive camera... different heron.


Same pond, same day, a furry little muskrat carrying some freshly cut grass back home. I thought I had several others, since he was in the grass just next to the track when I first started shooting, but the little fellow stayed behind too many tall blades and I didn't get a good shot of his furry cuteness still dry...


Happy Friday, and Congratulations, Mrs. Smijer, who is getting "pinned" today upon completion of the nursing program. Hoorah!

And by the way, hello Friday Ark!


Posted by smijer at May 6, 2005 07:46 AM
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