July 14, 2005

Glenn Reynolds, Against Torture?

from - smijer

Instamistress now...

I've been against torture since Alan Dershowitz was pushing it back in the fall of 2001. (Okay, actually I was against torture even before Dershowitz was pushing it).

InstaSade then...

EUGENE VOLOKH: "I am being perfectly serious, by the way. I like civilization, but some forms of savagery deserve to be met not just with cold, bloodless justice but with the deliberate infliction of pain, with cruel vengeance rather than with supposed humaneness or squeamishness. I think it slights the burning injustice of the murders, and the pain of the families, to react in any other way."

The notion that civilization equals squeamishness is not supported by history.

Does the good professor mind me asking which viewpoint actually reflects his values and viewpoints?


Posted by smijer at July 14, 2005 10:42 PM
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