July 26, 2005

American Slave Narratives

from - smijer

This fascinating. I read Andy J. Anderson's narrative in its entirety. Listening to the language is enough to keep my interest, apart from the stories themselves... listen:

"I's not realize wat I's am in fo' 'til aftah I's stahted, but 'cose I's couldn't tu'n back. Fo' to tu'n back m'ybe mean a whuppin' an' to go on means dangah f'om de Patter Rollers. Dere I's was, but I's kep' on gwine. De Patter Roller's duties am to watch fo' de nigger dat am widout de pass. No nigger am s'posed to be off his Marster's place 'less he have de statement f'om him. If de Patters catch me, deys would give me a whuppin' an' took me back to de Marster. Well, him am already mad over w'at I's says an' I's 'spected a whuppin' dere, so dis nigger am in a perdicklement.

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Posted by smijer at July 26, 2005 08:23 AM
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