July 26, 2005

When in the course of human events…

from - Buck

Don’t know if ya’ll have seen it yet but the draft of the Constitution of Iraq makes for some fascinating reading.

Justin Raimondo gives a great synopsis. It does look like the freedom we are supposedly fighting for is not exactly the freedom we are going to give.

Do you really think that at the end of the day all of this will have been worth 700 billion dollars?

Do you reckon 700 billion dollars will actually cover the costs?

I find myself growing tired of the discussion.

I think I might start paying much more attention to stories like this one.

Our foreign policy would have already killed me if I were a drinking man.


Posted by Buck at July 26, 2005 03:45 PM

Mr. Raimondo certainly offers one spin to the reading of the document. But how about reading the original document (from your link) and looking at the "good" stuff.

- Security & free health care
- Property ownership
- No torture
- No unlawful search or seizure or surveilence
- Freedom of press, speech, and religion
- Innocent until proven guilty
- No double jeopardy
- Taxes are a duty

It may not be as tight in some areas as you'd like and there are some references that are less than appealling -- some of which Mr. Raimondo pointed out. But Iraq is not our country and we are not militarily engaged to make it our country.


univar.jpg Posted by m on July 27, 2005 11:39 AM
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Iraq is going to be an Islamic theocracy and more power to them. It is just that I would hate to to know that my son or daughter died for the creation of an Islamic theocracy.

univar.jpg Posted by Buck on July 28, 2005 04:41 PM
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Look at what's happened in the Kurdish North for ten years. Look at what's happening in Lebanon... Middle East isn't going to look like Vermont, but the trend is in the right direction. Bin Laden's Islam of hate will only be overcome by a moderate Islam. The Shia and Kurds have been long oppressed. They're are best hope. They fight and die alongside us against a terror far worse than what's just been unleashed in London. People seeking a more just, more liberal world, should stand with them.

univar.jpg Posted by Bill Baar on July 29, 2005 05:16 PM
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