August 10, 2005

It's a Race! Part II

from - smijer

Jeff Blogworthy has added his second installment of leftist propaganda. This one is about the misleading nature of NARAL's opposition ad on Judge Roberts. It isn't anything like the Swift-Boating of John Kerry, Paul Hackett, or the scurrilous attacks current against Cindy Sheehan, but it does seem that the intent of NARAL's ad was to mislead about Roberts' work on behalf of Michael Bray and Operation Rescue in a 1991 court case. So I'll count it as propaganda.

In response, I give you one name: Paul Cameron. If you've found in a chain letter e-mail, heard reported from a trusted preacher, or seen reported in your favorite religious right newsletter or web publication, the claim that "Scientific studies" have shown that the life expectancy of a gay man is just 43 years, the claim probably originated with Paul Cameron. Although the more "respectable" institutions of the religious right have distanced themselves from Cameron and his groups, without the help of the religious right's promotion, it's doubtful that his false statistics would have ever become so widespread to begin with... to the point where right wing gambling luminaries like Bill Bennett is repeating them.

Your turn, Jeff B.


Posted by smijer at August 10, 2005 07:49 AM
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