August 18, 2005

When it Rains, it Pours

from - smijer

An update from yesterday... As if by magic, the Cafe Press store I mentioned yesterday suddenly has a 11-07-06 section up. Great job. Now I can shop, if I can ever get a positive bank balance going again.

They say good fences make good neighbors. That's why my brother-in-law is out back now with the chainsaw while I'm inside getting ready for work and telling you about it on the internet... It seems the old gray maple came down night before last in the mini-hurricane that swept through here, taking down two corner sections of our back fence, and a side of the neighbors. What a mess.

Oh... and funny

Sources close to the Devil say that his appearance at the event was prompted by a much simpler reason: the prominent place of sodomy on the evening’s agenda. “It’s rare for him to find a group of people that are as fixated on sodomy as he is,” says a Satan spokesperson.

(HT - one good move)


Posted by smijer at August 18, 2005 07:56 AM
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