September 08, 2005

Poor Neal.

from - Buck

His beloved President seems to be under constant attack and he feels it is his patriotic duty to defend him.

In todays Neal’s Nuze he says

Did you hear about the St. Rita's nursing home near New Orleans? The staff abandoned the nursing home, leaving the patients behind. The patients tried to barricade the doors using anything they could get their hands on, including wheelchairs. Rescuers found 30 bodies in that nursing home yesterday. Bush's fault, wasn't it?

Of course not Neal. Anybody with half a brain knows it was Mayor Nagin’s fault.

And then he takes his obligatory jab at the “poor”.

Survival often depends on resourcefulness, self-reliance and the ability (or willingness) to make tough decisions -- traits that aren't exactly evident in those we call poor.

If there are any in our society that know plenty about resourcefulness, self-reliance and who are forced many times to make tough decisions it is the poor. The choices they are forced to make are a little tougher than choices such as steak or seafood or buy or sell or do I go to Florida or Colorado this weekend.

And my personal favorite

Speaking of irrational ... how many fools do we still have running around unsupervised spouting that absurd "war for oil" line ... other than Cindy Sheehan of course.

He is partially right. It was not a war for oil. It was a war for oil companies. And I think they are doing okay right now. Don’t ya’ll?


Posted by Buck at September 8, 2005 05:02 PM
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