September 26, 2005

Take me to your leader

from - Buck

While watching one of the Sunday morning talking heads programs I caught a few seconds of an interview with John “if-you-like-the-war-you-will-love-me” McCain.

The discussion was about how to pay for the Katrina and Rita disasters. McCain was shown a poll which showed that 54% of Americans thought that cutting spending in Iraq was the answer while 6% thought that cutting domestic spending was the answer.

Of course McCain is not going to advocate cutting spending in Iraq and was all for cutting the "pork" out of domestic spending. When asked how he could justify that position considering the position of the citizenry he said, “well, that is why we are called leaders”.

Lead on John. We are right behind you.


Posted by Buck at September 26, 2005 10:46 AM
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