October 17, 2005

What's going on?

from - Buck

Is it just me or are the autumn leaves not autumn leaves at all this year?

I came back to Georgia from Tennessee via the Cherohala Sky Way this weekend and was shocked at the lack of any color at all in the glorious mountains that I have always called home.

It seems the leaves have gone from alive and green to brown and dead without pausing for the yellow and red stage.

My wife says that I am just too impatient and that the colors will come. When it comes to the fall of the year I am like a kid at Christmas. I look forward to it every year and I HAVE to believe that the colors will come.

I NEED those colors to prepare my fragile psyche for the bleak desolation that winter brings. Dying does not bother me so much but the colors provide death with dignity and without dignity death is just death.


Posted by Buck at October 17, 2005 09:29 AM

I've noticed the same thing here in Chattanoog - I was hoping that I was just looking out a little too early...

univar.jpg Posted by smijer on October 17, 2005 05:53 PM
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