November 02, 2005

Always the last to know

from - Buck

I stumbled across this yesterday and am amazed that I have missed any discussion about it on any of the countless 24 hour news stations that exist.

Tamiflu was developed and patented in 1996 by a California biotech firm, Gilead Sciences Inc. Gilead is a NASDAQ (GILD) listed stock company which prefers to maintain a low profile in the current rush to Tamiflu. That might be because of who is tied to Gilead. In 1997, before he became US Secretary of Defense, Donald H. Rumsfeld was named Chairman of the Board of Gilead Sciences, where he remained until early 2001 when he became Defense Secretary. Rumsfeld had been on the board of Gilead since 1988 according to a January 3 1997 company press release.

An as-yet-unconfirmed report is that Rumsfeld while Secretary of Defense also purchased an additional stock in his former company, Gilead Sciences Inc., worth $18 million, making him one of its largest if not the largest stock owners today.

Cheney has Halliburton and Rumsfeld has Gilead Sciences.

Now I understand the 7.1 billion dollar plan to make a preemptive strike against a maybe someday pandemic. Listening to Bush announce the plan all you had to do was substitute "pandemic" with "mushroom cloud" and the speech sounded eerily familiar.

I am sure this is something the Cheney's and Rumsfeld's will laugh about when they are neighbors

Both will laugh all of the way to the bank.


Posted by Buck at November 2, 2005 08:08 AM
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