December 08, 2005

The co$t of war

from - Buck

The financial cost of our current war in Iraq is the source of much debate. On one side of the spectrum there are those who feel it is a pittance and on the other there are those who think it is going to break us.

Making sense out of money is one of the many things that I am just not very good at. It has always seemed to me that if the value of your currency is based solely on paper, ink and the faith and trust that you have in your government then as long as you have paper, ink, faith and trust then you don’t really need economists, you just need missionaries.

I do enjoy watching those who think they know discuss the topic though.

I ran across these comments left by Viper over at thinkprogress.

Viper makes some interesting points but I am sure there are many out there that can convincingly refute every one of them.

The entire discussion gets pretty interesting. Even Jesus and Hitler get drawn into the fray.

Read it if you have the time.


Posted by Buck at December 8, 2005 01:11 PM
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