January 16, 2006

Whatever Happened to Sending in Delta

from - smijer

But, says former White House counterterror official Roger Cressey, "you've got to take that shot." So when a U.S. surveillance team got a tip that Al Qaeda's long-hunted No. 2, Ayman Al-Zawahiri, and fugitive Taliban chief Mullah Mohammed Omar were at a house in a village in the Bajur tribal region, the United States pulled the trigger. ... "I personally saw the 18 victims," Parliament member Haroon Rashed, who lives about a mile away, told NEWSWEEK. "Most of them were women and children. They were all locals. There were no foreigners." (Zawahiri is Egyptian.) Mohammed Rahim, 70, owner of one of the destroyed houses, wailed that several in his family had been killed. "I can't feed my own family. How could I afford to be hosting Zorayi?" he said, mispronouncing Zawahiri's name.

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Ok, so the CIA got a tip from a local with a grudge... or from an al Qaeda agent provacateur... or whatever... Do they not possess enough skepticism to at least get some eyes on the ground to do the shooting? How far is the helicopter trip from the nearest base in Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, or aircraft carrier? Is it so much worse to get caught with a few black ops in a border town than to get caught killing 18 Pakistani civilians, mostly women and children in that same town where we are supposed to "not be operating" (yeah, right)?

I just don't get it... where's the professionalism?


Posted by smijer at January 16, 2006 06:29 PM
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