February 05, 2006

When at loose ends

from - RSA

This weekend I find myself rambling through my parents' house, without much specific to do aside from work. I'm often in this kind of situation: I travel to another city alone, work or go to meetings, and have to figure out what to do with my free time. Here's a short quiz about what you do when you're away from home and on your own:

  1. It's morning and there's no coffee in the house. You (a) go without, (b) drink tea instead, (c) look through the phone book for a nearby coffee shop, (d) look for a local coffee shop that also has Internet access, or (e) do something else.
  2. Your afternoon is free and you want to get out of your hotel room or house. You spend it (a) walking through a shopping mall, (b) browsing in a bookstore, (c) walking through a park, (d) drinking in a bar, or (e) doing something else.
  3. You're stuck in someone else's house or apartment for the evening. For dinner, you (a) cook a meal made from ingredients you've foresightedly picked up at the store earlier during the day, (b) search through your hosts' freezer for something you can microwave, (c) order a pizza delivered, (d) raid the liquor cabinet, or (e) do something else.
  4. It's ten o'clock at night. You've eaten dinner and are at loose ends. You (a) turn on the TV--actually, you've had the TV on since the afternoon, so you just continue watching, (b) pick out a book to read, (c) decide to go out and hunt down a bar, (d) go to bed, or (e) do something else.

I'm the kind of person who has to have coffee and connectivity (1d), spends way too much time searching for "finds" in used bookstores (2b), is a very lazy cook except when at home (3b, c, and d), and is reluctant to go out on the town alone (4a or 4b). What about you?


Posted by RSA at February 5, 2006 04:54 PM
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