February 14, 2006

(Trial) Lawyers in Love

from - smijer

Ok, via roy, I find Con(servative)s in Love. Linking political ideology and romance is possibly the most absurd thing I can think of... And since I am fond of the absurd... Well - anyone want to talk about liberal love affairs?

Let's see... we all love to hate John & Yoko (actually, I don't get that - I thought they made a cute couple. I really don't like to hear Yoko attempt to sing, but apart from that... she's cool with me.) Now, who will write the essay?

Bill and ... who? Hillary or Monica? Or Paula? Or...

Dr. Dean and Judy? Or, is that a little too syrupy?

Oh well... I don't think I could write any of these up with a straight face. I hope they pay their staff well at NRO.


Posted by smijer at February 14, 2006 08:30 PM
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