February 15, 2006

Note to Self: Vid Game Premise

from - smijer

This was handed to me by the trickster muse whole cloth yesterday... She knew I couldn't do anything about it, being a truck pimp & all, so she decided to tease me with this idea. My revenge is to put it on the internet where, doubtlessly, a video game company executive will pick it up, publish it, and pay me royalties.

It's 2015. You are among a school of dolphins with whom military researchers have learned to communicate, and who have been recruited as allies to the government. Your, eh..., porpoise, is to carry out espionage on enemy fleets, inspections of suspiciuos cargo vessels, and in some cases to carry out combat operations using surface mounted explosives.

Your video environment is realistic ocean from a dolphin's perspective. It's the murky blue-green of real life, not the crystal blue of Pixar's animations. It is fully populated by undersea flora and fauna. Your communications to the humans - whether entered usnig voice recognition software, typed on a keyboard, or selected from drop-down menus - are translated into the dolphin chirps and clicks. Return communication is also chirped and clicked to you, and it's meaning translated to your native language and spoken or typed back on the screen to you.

Obstacles to your progress include the inherent difficulty of the tasks, dolphins recruited by the enemy, tuna nets, undersea navigation, and natural predators. Among natural enemies, foremost is the shark. In some cases, you may have to interrupt cmobat with enemy dolphins to defend yourself from the sharks. In extreme cases, you may have to ally yourself with the enemy dolphins in order to repel a forceful shark attack. Over time, you may find yourself allied more closely with the enemy dolphins than with your human recruiters, creating political tensions between your school and the human government which may be difficult to resolve.

Of course, you'll have to feed - and manage to do so without getting inked by a tricky squid or out distanced by small fish who are alert to the danger you represent.

And, at the end of the game, everyone will need to be coexisting peacefully - above and below the surface - and good must have prevailed.

Ok Kotakus San. I'll be watching for this in the game stores. Please don't forget my royalties!


Posted by smijer at February 15, 2006 07:36 AM
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