February 20, 2006

The Evil Lottery

from - Buck

I think Boortz is wrong to call the lottery a “tax on the stupid”.

In my opinion, a tax is money taken by force at the point of a gun. Playing the lottery is an agreement made by consenting adults. Nobody makes anybody play the lottery.

the lottery is a tax. It's a tax designed to fill the coffers of government, all without actually raising any income or sales taxes.

So if the government comes up with a way to fill their coffers with money from willing participants what is the libertarian argument against it? If the government can come up with 1,000 different ways to raise money without resorting to coercion why am I supposed to get all up in arms about it?

So chances are that if you played, you lost. The money you spent on the Powerball went straight down a rathole. Why? Because you were never going to win. Your chances of hitting those numbers was about the same as getting struck by lightning. Twice. On Sunday. During a snowstorm. It ain't gonna happen.

Ahhh, but it DOES happen as Boortz finally admits.

By the way, whoever won that $365 million jackpot only won $124.1 million after taxes. Those are some taxes!

In my opinion turning $1.00 into $124.1 million dollars makes it a pretty damned good investment.

I don’t play the lottery but that is not because I am morally opposed to it. I avoid it for the same reason I don’t play those games at the carnival. It is hard enough for me to win when the odds are in my favor.

When my youngest daughter was just 7 years old she had three dollars and was pitching a fit to buy three lottery tickets. I had a long discussion with her about the folly of playing the lottery but nothing I said would convince her. Finally I told her to give me the three dollars and I would buy her three tickets and she would see how easily her money was flushed down the rat hole.

When the smoke had cleared from the scratching and matching she had won nine dollars.

The only thing that went down the rat hole was her father’s wisdom.

She is 18 now and still plays the lottery from time to time. She wins a few and she loses a few but no real harm is done. When I see a losing lottery ticket in the floorboard of her car she will just grin at me and say, “but you never know when you might triple your money!”

She has her mother’s memory.


Posted by Buck at February 20, 2006 09:25 AM
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