March 02, 2006

Civil War?

from - Buck

Not only does George Bush deny that there is a civil war currently going on in Iraq he even believes there is not going to be one.

I wonder if George thinks that before there can be a bona fide civil war the Sunni’s will have to dress in blue and the Shi’ites will have to dress in gray? Do you think he believes that all civil wars are Napoleonic in nature?

In the near future the excuse will be the administrations favorite. Just like nobody could have ever conceived of airplanes being used as weapons and just like nobody could have ever predicted that the levees in New Orleans would not hold we will be told that nobody could have ever known that civil war in Iraq was a possibility.

But we don’t have to believe that.

There are people who were aware of all of those possibilities. Warnings were sounded in every instance. They were just ignored and then denied.

2008 seems like it is an eternity away and what kind of choice will we have even then?


Posted by Buck at March 2, 2006 01:24 PM
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