March 22, 2006

Questions about Murder

from - smijer

Via Tim F., Alas a Blog! presents Do they really believe that abortion is murder?

I think some "pro-lifers" - or even most of them - sincerely believe that abortion is murder... And yet the majority of them answer the questions in Amp's chart as though they are more concerned with having women held responsible for the consequences of sexual congress than with preventing murder.

I don't look at this as proof that pro-lifers are misogynistic. I look at it as a wake-up call.

First, it is a challenge to review what it means to believe that abortion is murder. How do you believe it? Do you believe it the same way you believe that the sun will come up tomorrow? The same way you believe that your spouse loves you? That your children are "good" (or bad)? Do you believe that abortion is murder the same way that you believe it is murder to put a gun to the head of a child and pull the trigger? Or is it the way you believe it is murder to withhold medical treatment for a child for religious reasons (or that it is evil to give medicine to a sick child, if you are Christian Science)? Or, do you believe that the same way you believe that "we are living in the end times"?

Second, it's a challenge on whether you have the courage of your convictions. If you believe that abortion is murder, will you demand the same criminal penalties for aborting doctors and women as are applied for other murderers? Do you believe it so strongly that you would imprison a woman or doctor for life if they are found guilty of abortion? Do you believe it so strongly that you are willing to stake the lives of your woman family members and doctor friends on it?

Third, it's a challenge on whether you will oppose conservative "pro-lifers" when their policies are inimicable to the prevention of murder. Are you willing to push contraception and sex education - even if it may mean giving implicit permission to kids for illicit sexual congress - in order to prevent murder? Is prevention of murder not a more pressing concern to you than hanky-panky? If you answer yes, but your GOP leadership is pushing legislation in the second column - don't you think it's time to be putting some pressure on them for change?


Some things to think about when considering whether fertilization magically endows an egg with "human life".


Posted by smijer at March 22, 2006 07:51 AM
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