March 24, 2006

RIP, Red America

from - RSA

I'd never run into Ben Domenech on the blog circuit, but his rise and fall at the Washington Post is all the rage. His defense against accusations of plagiarism is on the front page at now. Basically, he presents alternative explanations for the alleged incidents. For each incident in which Domenech's material was substantially similar to someone else's writing, was concidence, since the other writer was covering the same event.

...he had permission, even if it didn't appear explicitly in the piece.

...he didn't do it; it was an editor.

And--oops. Here's the best comment to Domenech's post so far:

I knew you would step up and take responsibility for your actions, rather than blame others without admitting any misdeeds yourself. Lefties can always pretend nothing's their fault and pass the buck, but if "conservative" means anything ethically, surely it means unflinching honesty and willingness to confront our own errors.

But the moderators have already removed this comment, due to Anderson (nice job!), in the time it took me to reach this point in my post. Must have message control!


Posted by RSA at March 24, 2006 04:09 PM
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