April 19, 2006

One More Good Move

from - smijer

One Good Move is among the best A-list blogs in existence. Usually it is kind of short on in depth political commentary and analysis, and long on video clips from the Daily Show, but I'm not sure that's always a bad thing. If I had time to write it, and cook the links, I would talk about the great Richard Feynman video clips up there in recent days. I hope I do get a chance to. But all I have time for now is to link to this post where a You Tube video presentation is shared. Don't watch it if you are offended by dirty words - it has some. Personally, I am much more offended by violence against children, but I didn't turn off the video when images of that were shown - it isn't the images that offend me, but the reality behind them. I haven't figured out a good way to turn reality off. Any way, I found the video very compelling for some reason. I don't know what artistic category it falls into - but I do know it was like watching the Twilight Zone. Check it out, unless you just can't stand dirty words.


Posted by smijer at April 19, 2006 07:56 AM
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