May 03, 2006

George W's Palace

from - Buck

In case anybody wonders whether or not we have any intentions of staying in Iraq here is some fascinating proof.

After roughing it in Saddam’s abandoned palaces, diplomats should have every comfort in their new home. There will be impressive residences for the Ambassador and his deputy, six apartments for senior officials, and two huge office blocks for 8,000 staff to work in. There will be what is rumoured to be the biggest swimming pool in Iraq, a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a cinema, restaurants offering delicacies from favourite US food chains, tennis courts and a swish American Club for evening functions.

Reckon they will ever sell time shares for the place?

Even though the project is supposedly on time and on budget take a look at a few of the things that are not on time or on budget


A US Inspector General’s report into reconstruction found that although $22 billion had been spent, water, sewage and electricity, infrastructure still operated at prewar levels

Despite “significant progress” in recent months, less than half the water and electricity projects have been completed

Only six of the 150 planned health centres have been completed

US officials spent $70 million on medical equipment for health clinics that are unlikely ever to be built. More than 75 per cent of the funds for the 150 planned clinics have been allocated

Task Force Shield, the $147 million programme to train Iraqi security units to protect key oil and electrical sites failed to meet its goals. A fraud investigation is under way

Oil production was 2.18 million barrels per day in the last week of March. Before the war it was 2.6 million

I guess it is easy to see where the priorities are.

I remember when this thing was first proposed it was budgeted at about 1.5 billion dollars. Currently they have it down for 592 million dollars.

I can't wait to see the "secret" finished product and the final tab.

I guess the white mans burden carries some tremendous sacrifice...for somebody.


Posted by Buck at May 3, 2006 11:29 AM
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